Detailed Description Product Features • The Laser Ball comprises a robot with spinning LED arms housed in a transparent ball. • Your robot's 2 arms sport 10 LED lights. • When the arms spin they create a laser strobe effect. • The plastic ball enhances the 'Wow Factor' of the lasers. • The circular nature of the Laser Ball allows it to roam around the room, propelled by the spinning arms of the robot inside. • The Laser Ball is touch and sound sensitive so can be activated with a tap or a clap. • The lasers synchronize with your own music making it a fantastic party piece, especially in a darkened room. • A switch on the robot to control the robot's sounds. He plays a fairground-esque tune, is mute or is in 'Off' mode. • The laser show lasts for 50 seconds continuously and can be reactivated with a nudge or a clap. • Stickers for personalizing your robot. • Made of plastic. • Suitable for ages 3 years+. • Requires: 3 x "AA" Batteries (not included) • Dimension: 4.0 inches in diameter.